句話說:「良言一句三冬暖,惡語傷人六月寒」。從言語中,我們就可以體會正、負能量對人的影響有多大。如果發現自己的內心,很容易受外在的人事物影響 ,那可能是能量缺乏的現象喔 。一個脆弱的心靈就如同虛弱的身體一樣,都需要接受正確的治療,才會有健全的身心靈與幸福的人生



什麼是能量缺乏症候群? 怎麼治療?
What is Energy Deficit Syndrome? How should we treat it?


Energy Deficit Syndrome (EDS) causes negative thoughts, including feelings of uneasiness, loneliness, irritation, grumpiness, pessimism, doing violence, committing suicide…etc. Educators nowadays haven’t figured out these thoughts are due to EDS, taking them for moral issues, and so they advocate strengthening moral education in order to rectify social conduct. Or, they may consider them to be mental illness, and establish mental health counseling groups. It is difficult to resolve EDS through moral education, many highly educated people still suffer from lots of negative thinking. Mental health counseling can only treat the symptoms temporarily, and not the root cause, besides, it often isn’t effective, so the pateint needs to depend on drugs to suppress various psychological symptoms. Hence, we need to treat the cause directly by imparting the methods to obtain energy and effectively help the subject in need. Under energy deficiency, one cannot meet ethical standards, nor alter negative thoughts.



There are three ways to obtain energy, the first being the ultimate method, the second is the steady method, and the third being the expedient method.



First: the Ultimate Method



Through enlightenment, acquiring the illumosphere’s high energy, the more enlightened one is, the more energy one can obtain. Yet, even without being enlightened, one can still achieve the energy supplied by one’s illumosphere through praying or meditating. But the energy acquired via praying and meditating is way less than what an enlightened being can get from the illumosphere. As long as one is fully recharged at heart, one can easily eliminate negative thoughts and correct flaws in one’s personality. Also, being immersed in high energy, one’s prayer will be realized more easily, as if dreams really do come true.



Second: the Steady Method


Which is to have energy supplied by the higher angels or higher level practitioners. The Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Jesus, Laozi are all higher angels. We can establish good connections with higher angels, and regularly recite their dharma name. When we encounter problems, pray immediately, and they will answer immediately. These higher angels all are 100% in superpower, and love selflessly, even if we pray to them, asking for hundreds of subjects a day, as long as we don’t neglect karma, they are always willing to help, and won’t be annoyed. If one doesn’t have a personal preference, it is recommended to recite Ksitigarbha’s dharma name because he is Heaven's highest commander, and is the higher angel with the most representation, hence it is most suitable to recite his dharma name. 



To take a higher level practitioner as one’s master is also a way to have energy supplied. One advantage is we can communicate directly, and get direct instructions from him/her. But with higher angels, it would be more difficult, only when we have reached a certain level can we speak to higher angels.




The higher angels or higher level practitioners will also urge us to find our own illumospheres, everyone is fundamentally equal, the higher angels or higher level practitioners are not willing to take advantage of us, to be our teachers for eternity. They neither want to nor feel good about it. Through practice, asking the higher angels or higher level practitioners for guidance and protection can help us obtain the energy we need, and also decrease the disturbance from the demons, and improve faster. But we need to have the right mentality, we are only requesting their help for the time being, and will not worship or depend on them in the long run. 



The reason why having energy supplied by the higher angels or higher level practitioners is categorized as the steady method and not the ultimate method, is because we cast aside our illumosphere, and constantly rely on the outside source, which is deviated from the road to liberation, thus one cannot reach liberation.



Third: the Expediate Method



The universe is filled with energy, as long as we know the right method, we can obtain plenty of energy supplies.




1. Assimilate energy from plants. Plants all have energy, among the highest are large trees. We can get close to the plants, focus our eyes on them, and sincerely say to the plants “I love you, please give me some energy” then continue to look at them for a while, energy will gradually be transferred into our bodies. When we're in a better mood, it means we’ve received a certain amount of energy.



2. Assimilate energy from music, television, movies, and books. Images, music, and words are all forms of energy waves, hence we can get energy from them. However, we need to choose from the ones we like. If we don’t like something, we’ll feel repulsive towards it and cannot acquire energy from it. If we focus on listening to music, focus on looking at images, focus on reading, energy will enter our body, when we're in a better mood, that means we’ve been supplied with a certain amount of energy.


3. Assimilate energy through friendly interactions with humans and animals. Since humans and animals both have illumospheres, having infinite potential energy, if we become distraught and restless and cannot obtain energy from our own illumosphere, we can find someone to make some friendly interactions, or keep a loving pet, for love is a wonderous passage which brings out   energy. So find someone to make friendly interactions, or cuddle a pet, and it'll give us a mood boost, because love can release energy from both parties and make us feel better. The most obvious example is when two people are in love. Being in love is an intense type of love, which can release tons of energy, and so people are ecstatic when they’re in love. Also, as the saying, helping others is the foundation of happiness, this is also the how love applies. And so after helping others, we tend to feel happy, because it is love which brings out energy.




4. Assimilate all forms of energy within the universe. Besides plants, all universal things are created by the illumosphere and all have energy. We can use the same method we obtain energy from plants to obtain energy from the celestials, the sky and clouds, well-organized streets, wonders of nature…etc. However, in comparison, acquiring energy from getting in touch with plants, especially large trees, is more efficient to assimilate energy.



5. Swearing, criticizing, or harming others can snatch away people's energy. Many managers like to give their colleagues a hard time, because they will feel much happier after robbing them with a great deal of energy. But once they are confronted or successfully counterattacked, then the energy will be taken away again, resulting in deeper misery. While swearing, criticizing, or harming others will cause the other person to lose energy and suffer, such means is not advised, for according to the law of cause and effect, karma will get us back.





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